Monday, August 30, 2010


Following trends and keeping up with technology has become an integral part of the tourism industry. Not least among these criteria is the development of the internet as our main source of keeping in touch with our guests and client bases. We have come to recognise that our guests, who are well traveled folk, are certainly techno-savvy and we therefore need to provide them with the easiest methods of accessing information. In keeping with this we have once again had our website redesigned.

This website is packed with information, not only have we made accessing information about our Lodge more user-friendly, the website also gives information about what is in the area, links to the latest maps and planning of journeys through the Google map "get directions" facility must make planning a trip now one of the easiest things in the world.

We have also provided guests with feedback from our previous guests as well as a link to Trip Advisor for objective viewpoints. And along with that we have given potential guests a visual feast of not only still photographs but a short video that we hope conveys the essence of what we are about.

We hope that you will enjoy trawling through our website and for the guests of the past, hopefully remind you of a memorable stay, for those who were here a long time ago, hopefully you will think of returning to see how we've changed and for our new guests, we hope that this will make your planning an ABC.

Visit us at and we hope to see you soon.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Rorke's Drift Lodge on the Africa Travel Channel

We are proud to launch our Battlefields Horseback Safari's at Rorke's Drift Lodge. This video is currently airing on the Africa Travel Channel programme, Discover Africa. (Channel 114) .

To view the video please visit the following link:

We look forward to sharing our bit of heaven on horseback with you!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Rorke's Drift Lodge Album

Click on the following link to view a photo album of Rorke's Drift Lodge Living...

Friday, June 18, 2010

Rorke's Drift Lodge and the AA Awards for 2010...

Rorke's Drift Lodge walks away with two commendations at the AA Travel Awards 2010!

This year Rorke's Drift Lodge was a finalist in the category Small Country Retreats as well as getting the Assessor's Award of Greatly Improved Properties.

We would like to thank everyone who took the time to give us feedback and the management wants to congratulate our team who worked so hard to achieve this goal.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Horseback safari – Bush breakfast – Blast into the past

Misty mornings at Rorke’s Drift Lodge always leave one inspired by days gone by. This week marked yet another new and exciting adventure.

We offered, for the first time ever, a colonial bush breakfast. A taste of what the high life would have been like in the 1800’s. Set on the open plains of the battlefields of Africa. How could one not enjoy the vast expanses like these that allow your soul to take flight?

Werner took the guests out for an hour and a half morning horse back safari and was then welcomed by Rika at the breakfast site that they had selected earlier in the week.

A full breakfast; spread out with silver and glassware to add the touch of colonialism to the table, helped create the perfect setting for a bush breakfast on the battlefields.

As they all tucked into the scrumptious breakfast that was prepared you could hear the earth breathe around you. This is how close you are going to get to experience a moment in the past.

After breakfast the guests were escorted back up the Sinqindi Mountain by vehicle making it a truly unique experience for all that joined us!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

A unique film exhibition...

For all die-hard fanatics of the ever popular film....ZULU

London Film Museum in association with Zulu Film Store

proudly present

The first ever exhibition dedicated to the classic 1964 film

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Our Ground Hornbill Residents…

We have been proud of this fact for a few years now, and it became a hot topic of discussion just the other day when we spotted our family of Ground Hornbills, at the bottom of our property, milling around in the tall winter grass.

Rorke’s Drift Lodge has been home to a family of Ground Hornbills that has over the years now grown to a family of 8 members.

The family consists of mom and dad of course, with 5 juveniles that have split from mom and dad, and then a brand new addition to the family.

The interesting thing about this is that Ground Hornbills are extremely territorial but these parents are still sharing their territory with the younger members that are fast maturing. The juvi’s seem to have taken over the duties of looking after the newest addition of the family which is spectacular to witness.

It’s an amazing site to see these larger than life feathered beauties, hearing them call with their distinct call that you will only hear in Africa. We look forward to be graced with their frequent presence this winter season!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The equipment has started arriving...

So this is what they call the best of the best...

Our brand new Trailrider saddles have finally arrived! And doesn't it make you just want to go riding off into the African sunset!

So slowly but surely we are getting geared for great adventures on the battlefields! Werner is also in the process of laying out some breathtaking trails on the property and you can now start looking forward to...

Out rides that will leave you in awe. As the rolling mountains that fill the void make you feel as free as a bird high up in the air. With the wind through your hair, the thrill of riding off into the openness of Africa is a thrill like no other. It literally takes your breath away!

The stables are coming on nicely and the process of carting in river sand to fill the yard is in full swing. The rock collection has also significantly grown in the past week and we will be doing something creative with these treasures that have been buried in the keep watching!

Monday, March 29, 2010

So who said making a stable yard is an easy job...

The rocks you see here is only a small collection that Werner and his team have removed from the stable yard that is nearing completion day by day. We have now got as far as setting up our lunge ring for our beauties to train in and cannot wait to fill the yard with soft river sand.

As we near the light at the end of the tunnel with this project we are extremely excited to share with you the end product of which will be Rorke's Drift Stables.

In the meantime we have had a couple of sneaky, experienced riding guests, that have been treated to a short out ride with Werner, after much convincing. So far the feedback has been fantastic!

We are extremely excited about this new venture and will keep you posted as we progress! So keep watching this space...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

ELC Arts & Crafts Centre Exhibition Hall Dedication

Yesterday the ELC Art and Craft Centre dedicated their newly reconstructed Exhibition Hall. The funds to complete this reconstruction were donated by the Federal Republic of Germany. The Deputy Ambassador Ingo Herbert was on hand for the dedication ceremony that was led by Bishop Buthelezi of the Evangelical Lutheran Church.

The Art & Craft Centre was established in 1962 by Swedish artists Ulla and Peder Gowenius, who were employed by the Church of Swedish Mission. A Fine Art School was included in the activities and during its 20 years of existence many students from all over of Southern Africa have attended of which many have won national and international acclaim.Rorke's Drift has been the home of worlds famous artists like John Muafangejo, Azaria Mbatha, Bongi Dlomo, Pat Mautla and others and today we are proud to have such recognised artists and crafters like the weavers Philda Majozi, Emma Dammann, in the ceramic studio like Gordon Mbatha, Joel Sibisi, Elizabeth Mbatha.

The ELC Art and Craft Centre has gone through many changes during its existence and they have had rough times and good times. The general feeling among the artists who work at the ELC Art and Craft Centre was that they were now starting to see the bad times disappearing and the good times coming back. Most of this good fortune can be ascribed to the dedicated work of Christiane Voith who is the Centre Manager. Christiane arrived here about 3 years ago from Germany and has been working unstintingly with great enthusiasm to try to re-establish the Centre's good reputation in the art world and to bring back some prosperity to the artists of the ELC Art and Craft Centre.

For more information on the ELC Centre you can visit their website on the following link:

For more information on Christiane's works at the centre you can visit her blog page on the following link:

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Rorke's Drift Stables...

A glimpse of our four legged beauties at Rorke's Drift Lodge!

We are thrilled to bring you up to speed on the developments of our stables, which are moving along smoothly and we are getting close to completion on the construction side of things.

Werner and his crew have so far constructed the entire stable yard with a single chain saw, a decent supply of blue gum trees that have long waited to be put to good use along with 700 liters of creosote and their bare hands! It is amazing what the human body is capable of accomplishing when the motivation offers inspiration.

Where most people are overwhelmed by uncertainty when faced with what seems to be the impossible, others get inspired! It seems that the African battlefields of late still have this effect on some! Not that we are conquering armies but rather the mind set of what we believe to be our limitations. We live an extraordinary life here on the battlefields surrounded by heroic tales that transport us into a historic dimension offering a exhilarating ride for those who are ready to be swept away by each day!

We are nearly ready to take you on a ride like no other!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Rorke's Drift Lodge moves into the 21st century...

Although we live a quiet life far removed from the rat race of the world, here at Rorke's Drift Lodge we try to keep up with the trends. We have therefore made the decision to move into interactive media and this blog is our second step. If you don't know about our first step, you can visit our Facebook page under Rorke's Drift Lodge.

We hope that all our guests past, present and future, will find this forum a font of relevant information. We will endevour to keep readers up to date on events in Rorke's Drift and surrounds as well as our own personal news about the lodge and the people who make the lodge run like a well oiled machine.

Our first posts will be an introduction to the many memebers of staff at Rorke's Drift Lodge, so that you may have an insight to how, where and when life happens here on the battlefields of Africa.

We look forward to to receiving your comments and appreciate all feedback which gives us the opportunity to improve your battlefields experience.


Christine Lamberth