Thursday, February 4, 2010

Rorke's Drift Lodge moves into the 21st century...

Although we live a quiet life far removed from the rat race of the world, here at Rorke's Drift Lodge we try to keep up with the trends. We have therefore made the decision to move into interactive media and this blog is our second step. If you don't know about our first step, you can visit our Facebook page under Rorke's Drift Lodge.

We hope that all our guests past, present and future, will find this forum a font of relevant information. We will endevour to keep readers up to date on events in Rorke's Drift and surrounds as well as our own personal news about the lodge and the people who make the lodge run like a well oiled machine.

Our first posts will be an introduction to the many memebers of staff at Rorke's Drift Lodge, so that you may have an insight to how, where and when life happens here on the battlefields of Africa.

We look forward to to receiving your comments and appreciate all feedback which gives us the opportunity to improve your battlefields experience.


Christine Lamberth

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